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Helpful Hints & What to Expect
Over 750 Full Granite Slabs in Stock.  Select from over 250 New & Exotic Colors available only at Cadillac Cut Stone.

When searching for the perfect natural stone or quartz for your next home improvement project, come to one of Cadillac Cut Stones galleries to view full size slabs from around the world. To help with the selection process, bring with you samples of any large surfaces that will be in your space (i.e. cabinet door, flooring, paint swatches, backsplash tile, etc.). By having these items here, they can be held up to the stone with all items being viewed in the same light together.

It is also helpful to have a layout of your project with dimensions. This can be as formal as a CAD drawing or as simple as a hand drawn sketch.  By having your dimensions and granite or quartz color selection we can put together a quote for you.  Once we have a quote that is acceptable to you, we are ready to set up a template to ensure all measurements are accurate.  Next comes fabrication of your selected material(s), then it’s on to installation. As we do not subcontract we are able to control each step of the process and are able to have you enjoying your new space as quickly as possible.